This may sound a little strange, but one day a man called in looking for some water for his car. That was not unusual, until he started to put it into his hydraulic reservoir for the braking system of his car. I was young and curious, but he explained that water would suffice. Many years later and some hydraulic experience, it seems that he was right. Or partly so!

It should be remembered that twenty-five years ago, and anywhere from there back, the properties of rubber seals were different. Not deviating, but going some way to explain where the hydraulic oil/brake fluid, actually went. The fluid and indeed all oils were much different and had little agreement with the rubbers available at the time. Leakages were commonplace.

Though many may frown upon it, water is still efficient as a medium for hydraulic pressure, in the very short term, and especially in the case of a braking system in a general performance automobile. It is the purity of the water that changes its usability, but anything will do in an emergency. Incidentally, pure water is an insulator, though I wouldnt have the confidence to test the theory on a personal level, with four hundred volts. Lol! Seriously though, this would be a reason why battery top-ups, should be done with distilled or pure water. Water hasnt been simply, water, for some time, or since it was chemically analysed.


How to Choose a Good Car Tint Shop

Most metropolitan areas have an abundance of tint shop choices. In the San Francisco, CA area alone, there are 30 different tint shops within a 25 mile radius. How does a consumer choose the tint shop that does quality work? What is the difference between a ‘Dr. Tint’ and a ‘Quality Window Tinting’?

We at TintCenter suggest that you do a little research. First compile a list of 5 potential tint shops that are likely to do good work. Ask your friends an co-workers who have tinted their cars which tint shops they chose, look in the Yellow Pages and mark down the tint shops with large professional advertisements, or come to TintCenter.com and get price quotes from a local tint shops.

Once you have this list in-hand, its time to interview each dealer: