Parents of Teen Drivers

A few resources on the web for parents are:

Parent-Teen Contract
You might also consider using a driving safety contract between you and your teen. This is an agreement that your child signs, in which he agrees to be a safe driver by following all restrictions you have imposed or risk losing his driving privileges. An example of this can be found at:

Talk It Out
Work with your teen driver to talk through their thought process while driving. Let’s not over-do this to the point that they cannot concentrate on driving. More specifics can be found in the book for parents at:

Helpful thoughts for parents in brief are:


Tips on Shopping for a Used Car

When shopping for used cars, it is important to understand the value for the automobile that you are considering purchasing. One way to determine an accurate value is through Kelly Blue Book ( and their extensive pricing system. By entering select data about both new and used cars, consumers will receive instant value estimates. In order to get an accurate value, consumers must know the make and model of the automobile, current mileage, additional features and overall condition.

Selecting from a lot of used cars can be an excellent way to own the automobile that you have always wanted, but could not afford a brand new model. Understandably so, new cars are more expensive than used cars. But, that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with purchasing used cars. No matter whether new or used, any automobile can develop a problem at any given time. That means that buying a new car does not automatically guarantee the new owner will have a smooth trouble-free ride. In addition, automobile insurance is often less expensive than those for new cars and this is another reason for the ongoing popularity of used cars.

When shopping for used cars, consumers should always take a test drive and also request to take the automobile to a trusted mechanic for further inspection. Under no circumstances should a consumer accept the word of the individual, or company, selling used cars. The only way to make sure that the automobile is in the condition as stated is to take it to a mechanic, who can properly inspect used cars and determine any underlying problems. The majority of used cars are exactly as stated but, when auto safety and a large amount of money is involved, there is no room for error in judgment.